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Who decides the choice of funeral flowers? At Moments Florist we believe it’s you, the Customer.

One of the hardest times in a person’s life, is the moment when they have to say goodbye to a loved one.  A natural way of expressing feelings of love, sadness, regret and respect for the person who has passed away, is by laying flowers.

Flowers are a universal way of expressing those thoughts and feelings. The choices and variety of funeral flowers are endless. At Moments Florist we create floral designs ranging from large casket sprays, wreaths, sheaf’s, pillows, cushions, bespoke letters, hearts, traditional flower baskets to simple posies, depending on the customer requirement.

Floral arrangements can be created from Lilies, Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemum and exotic flowers, to the colour and style of your personal preference.

When it Comes to funeral flowers, contact your local expert at Moments Florist.

By speaking with an expert at Moments Florist, they can advise on the best choice of flowers to suit your individual circumstance. At Moments Florist we will guide you through the process, helping you choose the theme, colour preference and flowers that will truly add a personal touch.

Above all, you will have the peace of mind that the arrangement will look as expected and the flowers will be in pristine condition for the service.

Funeral flowers at Moments Florist Chester are delivered, locally free of charge. In addition, we are available 7 days a week to discuss changes to your floral requirements. Our team can be contacted directly:

Tel: 01244794088



Alternatively, you can place an order via our online shop or complete a funeral flowers request form:

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How To Give The Perfect Birthday Gift

How To Give The Perfect Birthday Gift

It’s always a conundrum when it comes to figuring out how to give the perfect birthday gift but, at Moments Florist, we have made it easy! So, what is the answer, well it’s flowers of course, trust us when we say there is no better way to give the perfect birthday gift than with flowers.

At Moments Florist Chester, we offer a great selection of birthday flowers that are suitable for anyone’s birthday. Over our years of business operation, we have designed the perfect answer, on how to give the perfect birthday gift and have a vast birthday flowers portfolio, for you to look through.

So, you can come to Moments Florist and choose a predesigned or bespoke flower arrangement, that would be perfect for anyone’s birthday. Also, remember flowers aren’t just for women either, plenty of men will love a professional flower arrangement from the Moments Florist Team.

Giving The Perfect Birthday Gift Is Easy With Moments Florist

We have all found ourselves struggling with the question of how to give the perfect birthday gift to someone, haven’t we? But, thankfully it’s much easier with Moments Florist amazing birthday flowers service.

We have a great selection of professionally designed flower arrangements for you to choose from including gift boxes, bouquets, large sprays and much more. Whether it’s for a family member, friend or co-worker, our birthday flowers service is perfect for you.

It will make finding the perfect birthday gift for anyone in your life easy! And don’t worry, if none of our prearranged designs are exactly what you’re looking for we can still help, because our professional experienced florists will be happy to design a unique display for you.

Best of all at Moments Florist, we even offer free delivery for any household or business in the CH1, CH2,  CH3, CH4 and CH65 postcode areas! To find out more about how we can help you call us on 01244794088 or contact us online.

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Corporate Flower Decorations in Cheshire

If your business needs corporate flower decorations, then there is no one better than Moments Florist Team in Chester! With our corporate flower decorations service, any business can ensure it’s always looking its best, with our amazing corporate flower decoration displays.

Corporate flowers are an underrated essential, when it comes to your business’s operations. They add a touch of colour to any setting but, that is just the beginning. Corporate flower decorations also, make an important statement about your business.

For example, if you own a hotel then a good corporate flower decoration, could be a stylish bouquet of roses. Place them on the reception desk and you’ll be making a great statement about your business to guests. While a modern coffee house, could use a more quirky and colourful corporate flower decoration to great effect. With our corporate flower decorations Chester service, anyone can benefit from our fantastic corporate floral displays.

Corporate Flower Decorations Will Brighten Up Any Setting!

Corporate flower decorations can be used at all times, you don’t have to wait till you’re holding a seminar or big event at your place of business. They can be used all year round to great effect and many people underestimate just how impactful they can be. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from Moments Florist corporate flower decoration service, it doesn’t matter if you’re a large office block or a small business, our corporate flower decorations, are something you’ll be sure to find incredibly valuable.

Our experienced Moments Florist Team, have a vast portfolio of corporate flower decorations for you to take a look through but, if you want something totally unique and different, then don’t worry we can help you there as well.

With our corporate flower decorations service, we can also provide advice and guidance as well. So, if you are unsure what flowers or colours to use don’t worry,we can help. To find out more about how we can help you, call us on 01244794088 or contact us online.

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Flowers For Your Wedding in Cheshire

A wedding will need plenty of things, won’t it? One of the most important is flowers and if you need professional flowers, there is no place better than Moments Florist in Chester. While we are based in Chester, people come from far and wide to take advantage of our great services. So, if you need flowers for your wedding in Chester, North Wales and Cheshire, we can help.

These are three of the main locations we serve but, don’t worry if you live elsewhere, if you can make it to us, then we can help. With our wedding flower service, you can get all the flowers you need for your special day, including that all so important bride’s bouquet!

We can help you when it comes to table decorations, flowers for wedding guests, bouquets, corsages and plenty more. And of course, at Moments Florist we can accommodate any theme or colour scheme you have in mind. So, don’t worry if you’re not going for the traditional choice of white flowers, we can still help you. Whether it’s for a wedding in Chester, North Wales or Cheshire, we are the perfect place to go for all your wedding flower needs.

Our Experienced Florists Can Help With Any Wedding Flower Needs!

If you’re looking for wedding flowers for a wedding in Chester, North Wales or Cheshire, then there is no better choice than Moments Florist. Our experienced florists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to weddings of all shapes and size.

So, whatever you’re looking for, we can help and don’t worry if you’re undecided, because we’ll be happy to offer advice and guidance as well. So, if you need wedding flowers for a wedding in Chester, North Wales or Cheshire, call us on 01244794088 or contact us online to find out more.

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