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Who decide the choice of Funeral Flowers? At Moments Florist Chester we believe it is only you – The Customer

The hardest thing in people’s lives is the moment when they have to say goodbye to a loved one.  A natural way of showing the regret, sadness, miss, love and respect for the person who pass away is by laying flowers. From all the things, funeral flowers are the most common way to express our thoughts and feelings. Funeral flowers vary from large coffin spray, open hearth wreath, bespoke funeral letters like Mum, Dad, closed heart, cross, classic sheafsmall posy, large posy, classic wreath, pillow, anchor, small spray or large casket spray. The choices and variety are endless, and a Funeral Director is not a Florist, and vice versa a Florist is not a Funeral Director.

When Comes to All Funeral Flowers contact your Local Florist

The choices of Funeral Flowers are optional. You can be advised by a local funeral director what funeral flowers they recommend from a catalogue for a  percentage taken from the florist work just by passing the job, with no time or effort looking after flowers availability, ordering the flowers, conditioning the flowers, create the floral designs and deliver all things funeral flowers so that they look pristine for the funeral day.  The other option is to contact directly a local florist. By contact directly a local florist you can save money, circumstances allow you can even negotiate, choose a theme, colour preferences, type of flowers, e.g. blue roses, pink roses, lilies, white rosesand have a truly personal touch in very difficult time and sad circumstances.

At the flower shop Moments Florist Chester, we are an Independent Local Florist, where we advise and assist when comes to all thing funeral flowers, either is posies, funeral wreaths, caskets and sprays.  All the funeral flowers at Moments Florist Chester are delivered locally free of charges. For changes in circumstances, add extra funeral flower and all things flowers service assistance we are also available 24/7.  If you’re looking at sending a message of condolence you can fill in a form on our funeral flowers’ or text us on 07399968587.

Even you’re outside the country you can order from our online shop Funeral Flowers from Sheafs, Sprays, Wreaths, Posies, Casket Tribute, Baskets, Pillows. If you have any questions about funeral tribute, please Call Ana on 07399968587 or email to discuss your funeral requirements.

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